About E.

Elizabeth Waserman

Jewelry is an extension of a person’s individuality and strength. An external unspoken statement about who we are and what brings us peace, inner beauty and balance.
When that perfect piece speaks to you – it’s an instantaneous connection.  Like love at first sight – it’s the lightning bolt that captures your attention and the connection not only enhances your identity but it often mirrors how you see yourself.
The sentimental piece is more personal and treasured.  It’s a look into one’s heart and soul as it was thoughtfully chosen for you as an expression of love, respect, friendship, flirtation or romance.  Represented in a creation that is soft and demure or bold and exquisite…just like YOU.

These are just some of Miami-based Jewelry Designer, Elizabeth Wasserman’s inspirational philosophies when she passionately creates pieces for her one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry line, Jewelry by E.  Her attention to detail, insightful use of color, textures and hard to find materials make her signature pieces and her latest creations, all stand out, must haves!  

This spring, Jewelry by E will celebrate 10 amazing years of creating unique and timeless collections for our wonderful customers and friends.  As we welcome a new decade, Jewelry by E is excited about the new direction the company is embarking on.  Our new Shelby Collection truly exemplifies the elements important to JBE.  Timeless fine jewelry you can wear everyday.  Inspired by nature, love happiness and good vibes.  Our ultimate goal is to make you feel happy and stylish. 
Living in Miami for the past 30 years has further enhanced her artistic inspiration and as a result, her compelling collections reflect the strengths of her self- taught talents which have developed into a global vision that is edgy, sexy, fun, sophisticated, outrageous and elegant.  Just like YOU!

From trunk shows in Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Houston and local holiday bazaars, to stores in Miami, Coral Gables and Aspen, Jewelry by E is proud to say that we are NOW just one click away from your front door!